Your Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Selby and Ainsty:

Ian Richards


Ian Richards PPC Selby Green Party 

I moved to Yorkshire in 1987, then in 1998 moved to Selby. I am a university graduate, with a modern languages degree from Hull in French, Spanish and Danish. Currently I work from home as a computer programmer for a Harrogate company.

I am delighted to have been selected and am looking forward to campaigning to help those hardest hit by the austerity measures of the coalition government, measures which seem to me to be an attempt to make the poorest in society pay for problems caused by some of the wealthiest.

We need to rethink how we care for people through paying a living wage, fighting against NHS privatisation, making our children’s education a priority and investing in clean, affordable energy. The coalition hasn’t done any of this and they’ve had five years to make things better. I have six grand-children, all living here in Selby, and I worry what sort of world they are going to be living in by the time they reach my age.

The Selby Greens are part of a concerted effort by the Green Party of England and Wales to increase local councillors and parliamentary candidates across Yorkshire in a bid to become a strong voice for change across the county.

I am glad to have my chance to stand, and to try to make some difference to this area. I am offering Selby and Ainsty residents a chance to vote for what they believe in and really make a difference.


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Paul Weaver


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